Fit for Work - an evaluation
A summary of some of the key findings from the reports look at the implementation of the Fit for Work services and people's experiences of the service

Fit for Work – an evaluation

Fit for Work was an occupational health assessment and advice service looking to address long-term sickness absence. The assessment service was for employees who were on (or at risk of...
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Mental health misconceptions

New research looks at the impact mental health misconceptions have on the time it takes people to seek the support they need: 60% of UK people are unable to identify...
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Diabetes and Work

A third of people living with diabetes experience lack of support and understanding from colleagues in the workplace.  Research from Diabetes UK has found that one in six people with diabetes in work,...
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From Prison to Work: Using IPS

72,000 people were released from prison in the UK last year, and roughly 90% will have some form of mental health or substance abuse need. Everyone leaving prison, and especially...
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