VR resources for people displaced from Ukraine

We believe it is important that Ukrainians arriving in UK have support with their work needs.

We know that people will need help to adjust and being able to work will provide them with multiple benefits namely, financial stability, it will support their mental health, and provide a much needed sense of structure and normalcy.

These resources have been collated to support Ukrainians arriving in UK, their employers and VR practitioners who are supporting them. If you know of other resources please contact us so we can add them to this guide.  

VRA resources for individuals here

This resource guide is primarily for individuals with a health condition or disability who want to find a job or need help to keep a job.  However, some of the resources will be useful to anyone looking for work. This guide is primarily aimed at people in the UK and Ireland.  Some of the guidance such as interview tips will be useful to people looking for work in any location though.

Ukraine Takes Shelter here

This site facilitates connections between those offering and seeking accommodation – international.

Transport on arrival in the UK

Ukrainian arrivals who have entered the UK will be able to travel for free on the national rail network by showing their Ukrainian passport and a boarding pass or ticket showing arrival into the UK. They will have 48 hours from arrival in the UK to complete their journey and the scheme applies to all train operators in Britain, and many bus and coach operators are also offering free onward travel to final destinations. More details here.

Guide for Refugees here

A guide for adults who have been granted asylum in England to access public services and make the most of the opportunities in the UK.  This contains useful information about finding a job and other aspects of day to day life.


The Work Rights Centre has a useful summary of the relevant visa schemes here.


Find a local or online course in English for speakers of other languages here

Free online English lessons including English for Work here

Find a local or online course in British sign language here

Learn British sign language online here

Google translate – free online service here

Qualifications (Ukraine comparisons to UK equivalents)

UK government equivalency table here

International qualifications from UCAS here

Parenting support

Work space issues

Explore co working spaces in the area – may offer free workspace for a period of time or employer may be willing to fund this.  Councils often have Innovation Centres and business development centres with shared workspaces to support local businesses and these are a good option for affordable workspace.  Larger libraries often have business centres that may be able to direct you to local resources.

You can find a list of local councils here. The Flexible Space Association also has a search facility by location here.

Fast track employment opportunities



Iceland depot jobs see here for background

Contacting existing employers

Many larger organisations have action plans in place to support their Ukrainian employees.  Most have sent emails to their employees with guidance and also have helplines.

For VR practitioners, you can look up the company and start making some phone calls.  It may be that they are able to do this independently but if language or overwhelm are a restriction they may benefit greatly from support with this.

Examples of global employers with support in place for Ukrainian employees (including relocation support) are

  • Google
  • Snapchat
  • Oracle
  • Revult
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Apple
  • Uber
  • Bank of Ukraine

HR Resources

Resources that can be useful, from an HR point of view, to support the people of Ukraine, looking at different options, including Relocation Support, Financial Support for the people that are still in the country, support for HR professionals and so on here.

Checklist from CIPD to assist you in supporting employees of the organisation who are affected by the conflict in Ukraine – open access here.

‘Homes for Ukraine’ What does HR need to know about hiring refugees here.

Other CIPD resources to support employers with people impacted by the situation in Ukraine here.

Other resources: 

Refugee Council support for finding work here

Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain here

Embassy of Ukraine to the UK here.

Ukrainian events in London has a guide for Ukrainian refugees in the UK: how to find housing, jobs and other help