The Process of VR
Vocational Rehabilitation can require input from a range of health care professionals and other non-medical disciplines such as disability employment advisers and career counsellors.

Understanding Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)

Vocational rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary intervention offered to those with physical, psychological and/or social difficulties enabling a return to work or preventing loss of work.

Techniques used in VR can include:

  • assessment, appraisal, programme evaluation and research.
  • goal setting and intervention planning.
  • provision of health advice and promotion, in support of returning to work.
  • support for self-management of health conditions.
  • making adjustments to the medical and psychological impact of a disability.
  • case management, referral, and service co-ordination.
  • psychosocial interventions.
  • career counselling, job analysis, job development, and placement services.
  • functional and work capacity evaluations.

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