International Vocational Rehabilitation Network

The VRA have been involved in setting up an international vocational rehabilitation network. VRA trustees Sue Godby and Joy Reymond have attended meetings to set up the network, which to date includes representatives from Canada, Australia, Austria, South Africa as well as the UK.

The discussions have been around knowledge, research and best practice sharing, promotion of VR and establishing a community/hub of practice that supports the international promotion of the vocational rehabilitation professionals. We have also discussed aspects such as challenges and promotion of the business case for VR.

The group has developed a framework and identified the aims of the network as:

The VRNetwork will play an essential role in creating and sustaining safe, psychologically healthy, inclusive, and productive workplaces ensuring:

  • The expansion of global research on workplace best practices
  • Contribution to establishing common terminology of the Vocational Rehabilitation practice and initiatives
  • Resources and tools are developed to address the needs of employers and employees in building healthier, inclusive workplaces for all
  • Researchers, employers, people living with disabilities, and other stakeholders address the social issues facing people with disabilities and work participation
  • The materials created contributes to the value and promotion of the VRNetwork

The meetings have been chaired and supported by the Canadian Work Wellness Institute and the first steps towards the aims have been to set up a listserv which is being trialled currently. This is a sort of email distribution list that enables sharing of information such as VR research and information. Once this is up and running, members will be able to join and the idea is the network will grow organically and a website created.  We’ll keep you updated on developments.