Inspiring future OTs towards Vocational Rehabilitation

On February 22nd myself, trustee Emma Drinkwater and member of the VRA Jo Vallom-Smith got together via teams and delivered a talk to Northampton University Occupational Therapy Society about our different roles as OT’s working in Vocational Rehabilitation.

Both myself and Emma work in our respective countries Welfare to Work industries and Joanna talked about how she went from being employed as an OT delivering occupational health to starting her own company OT for OH. Jo demonstrated how us OT’s are the perfectly trained individuals to deliver vocational rehabilitation and occupational health with our “jack of all trades” persona and what some other professions see as complex cases, they are the norm for us.  To quote Jo, “there’s a reason the word occupation and occupation are the same”.

Overall, our talk to the OT Society was well received and we enjoyed the opportunity to speak with the future OTs and be able to bring vocational rehabilitation into the forefront of their minds as a choice in their future career planning.

Students and recent graduates can join the VRA for free here and as a member you get access to information, resources and CPD.

If you are a tutor or student interested in a VR session please contact us.

Andrea Collin