Spinal Cord Injury Physical Activity Counselling – Training Course

DATE / TIME 09/07/2024 - 09/07/2025
12:00 am



We are excited to offer a free, online SCI Physical Activity Counselling Training on the theory- and evidence-based Best Practices for SCI Physical Activity Counselling. This training opportunity is for Physiotherapists and other Health Care Professionals providing physical activity guidance or counselling to individuals with a SCI. The training was co-developed in partnership with an international team of SCI researchers, people with SCI, counsellors, and health professionals.

About this Physical Activity Counselling Course:

Uses theory and evidence-based best practices
Free, online 2.5-hour self-guided training
Includes videos, quizzes and additional resources
Provides practical tips and example techniques to use the best practices in physical activity conversations with adults with SCI

To register for the training, please follow this link: https://abclab.ok.ubc.ca/sci-exercise-counselling/

The training will equip health professionals with the necessary skills to support their clients to engage in physical activity. We would like to ask you to share this free training opportunity with your members via social media, newsletters and/or other communication channels. We have attached a flyer to support the promotion of the training. We are also available to create any additional promotion material tailored to your organization.

For more information about the project, go to: https://abclab.ok.ubc.ca/research-projects-funding/sci-exercise-counselling/ or contact isiclab@ubc.ca.

Thank you so much for supporting us with improving physical activity counselling services for people with SCI.


The training aims to familiarize you with the best practices for SCI physical activity counselling to support the use of these best practices in conversations about physical activity with adults with SCI. A summary of the best practices is available here.

Cost of course: Free

Date of event: One off course which can be enrolled onto at any time, no timeline

Any certification on completion? Certification of completion is pending on UBC faculty of medicine approval of our certificate application

Any tests/exams? All quizzes can be completed as many times as necessary to reach a passing score

Are there any requirements on completion e.g. delivering services? Course delivery is online

Are there any restrictions in using the learning within other organisations?


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