Employability Day: Free e-learning from RNIB

Today, Friday 17 June, we’re recognising Employability Day by sharing some great free resources from VRA member RNIB.

RNIB have created a great suite of e-learning with options for practitioners, employers and work colleagues and job seekers – so there really is something for everyone!

Understanding Sight Loss for Employers and Work Colleagues

This free eLearning tool is designed to help employers and work colleagues gain a greater understanding of sight loss, and the differences it can make to the working life of blind or partially sighted employees.

Managers, supervisors, and all staff in a workplace can take this short online programme to gain a greater understanding of sight loss. It consists of four individual courses which will take about one hour in total to complete. Users can complete the programme all at once or dip in and out as time allows.

  • Course one -The facts about sight loss and its impact
  • Course two – Workplace responsibilities and interactions
  • Course three – Inclusive recruitment, accessibility, and assistive technology
  • Course four – Further information and the RNIB Visibly Better Employer quality standard.

There’s also an optional extra course:

  • Course five – How to guide people with sight loss.

For full details and registration please click on the link below:

eLearning programme: Understanding Sight Loss for employers and work colleagues – RNIB – See differently

Find out more about the RNIB’s Visibly Better Employer quality standard which helps employers become more inclusive for people with sight loss here.

Employment Professionals

Do you want to know more about sight loss? Does your team help people with sight loss to find or stay in work?  Our “Understanding Sight Loss for Employment Professionals” e-Learning course will give you the knowledge and tools to help.

Quote from user

“Just wanted to say I have completed the training and I have to say it is one of the best e-learning courses I have done in a very long time.

I struggle with processing information and everything about your material made my learning really enjoyable – from the layout and design to the material and language.”  

For full details and registration please click on the link below:

Recruitment professionals – RNIB – See differently


RNIB’s free online jobseekers course has been designed to help people with sight loss decide the next steps to take when thinking about employment. We’ve called on the experience of our professional employment advisors to put together their top tips for a successful approach to looking for work. The course has been tested by people with sight loss to make sure it’s easy to use, addresses their job search queries and is fully accessible.

The online course is packed full of practical advice, including:

  • What you need to do before applying for jobs
  • Where to find opportunities
  • How to complete a CV
  • The best way to fill in an application form
  • How to tackle interviews
  • Behaviour and safety in the workplace
  • Where to get help

Quote from user:

“Good morning!  I start my new job today and feel so grateful for all the support and guidance given to me. The jobseekers e-learning showed me that I can do this and that my biggest barrier is me, and not having the confidence in myself to go for it. I hope in my new role I can help people as much as you have helped me. Thanks so much and it is all very much appreciated.”

For full details and registration please click on the following link:

Looking for work – RNIB – See differently