Have you heard or participated in any webinar or hangout? You most likely have!

The webinar is a kind of online seminar or a one-way web conference. While the guest speaker presents online, live content, viewers watch and interact with each other, and may ask the speaker questions as he presents.

Nowadays, the accessibility to internet allows webinars to be done from anywhere in the world and transmitted to many people, without the need to rent a space or to move people to a specific place, such as in lectures. This is a solution for companies that have a limited budget for this type of actions, as webinars do not generate expenses with location, sound, presentation, among others.

Webinars also makes the viewers’ lives easier, since they do not have to leave his or her home or workplace to access the content.

So why make a webinar?

The webinar is one of the most popular and rich content types in content marketing. With it, you can turn your ideas into events and create a unique bond with your readers. In addition, you can leverage your digital strategy, deliver quality material to generate engagement and make your company a benchmark on certain subjects.

As previously mentioned, it is also possible to overcome geographical barriers by distributing their content in a practical, fast and interactive way.

Steps to structure a good webinar

Define the theme: what is the theme of the webinar? It is interesting to study the needs of your company or your prospects, and then offer a topic that attracts their attention.

Choose the presenter: you can choose someone from your own company who mastered the subject or invite an outsider.

Choose the date and time: set the best day and time, taking into account the entire external environment. Check, for example, if there will be any important event on the same date and time of your event, whether it will be a holiday and whether the speaker can attend. Prepare yourself for any unforeseen events, especially when broadcasting live.

Promote the webinar: at this stage, we take into account the whole process of strategic planning and dissemination. To do this:

  • Create a landing page to spread webinar information and sign up participants – a great opportunity to increase your base of leads;
  • Create call-to-actions on your site / blog to send people to the landing page;
  • Shoot emails for both the new and existing base and invite them to the event. You should also send reminder emails near the date of the webinar
  • and on the day of the transmission;
  • Advertise on social networks. It is important not only to promote organically, but also, if possible, create some paid ads in Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.
  • Create a script and assemble the presentation: it’s important to have visual material ready and make it easily available at the time of the presentation. Additionally, pre-define the topics to use as a guide and do not forget any subject.
  • Keep track of subscriptions: Throughout the process you should monitor your converted lead base and see if you need to create some reinforcement actions for more exposure.

How to Prepare for the transmission

On the day of your webinar, you need to check in advance if everything is in order. You should find a nice, quiet place, where there is no outside interference. Make sure you have everything you need, so you do not have to interrupt the broadcast.

Also, pay attention to the technical details: check if the lighting of the place is pleasant and if the internet connection is working well. Send the link to the webinar, at least an hour before it begins.

Finally, be sure to start the webinar on time. Punctuality is key!

Do not forget to interact with the participants, take the time to answer questions and be always attentive to the comments!

What to do after completing the webinar?

Update the landing page: You can continue generating leads by delivering the recorded material to people who could not attend the live webinar.

Send the material to the participants and also the link of the recorded content to their email..

Do quality research: how about listening to participants’ opinions about the content you’ve submitted? You can take advantage of the same email and add your suggestions and quality research.

What about you? Ever presented or participated in a webinar? Share your experience with us.

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