VRA Awards 2017 – The results

We are delighted to confirm the results of the VRA Awards 2017 are as follows:

VR Practitioner

Winner is Michelle Foster, and the runner-up is Kate Meads

VR Initiative

Winner is Cheshire and Merseyside Rehabilitation Network, and the runner up is Headley Court

Here is a picture of the Headley Court runner up receiving her award.

2017-02-09 14.13.08

The Cheshire and Merseyside Rehabilitation Network initiative

The Cheshire and Merseyside Rehabilitation Network was established in 2013 and is the first of its kind in England, providing a collaborative partnership across specialist rehabilitation inpatient units, outpatients and community services. The Network is funded by NHS England and Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Network consists of 5 inpatient units including a hyper acute unit as well as complex, active and extended rehabilitation units totalling 101 beds and 2 community rehabilitation teams.

Specialist Rehabilitation is a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach supporting those with complex impairments following injury or illness to optimise independence and quality of life. The team works alongside patient, family and carers towards agreed and realistic goals to address physical, cognitive, communications, emotional, financial, social and vocational needs. Providing rehabilitation on a needs basis rather than based on diagnosis alone.

The Network takes the unique work-focussed approach in that the provision of vocational rehabilitation is available to the patient at any time during their recovery.  In order to action this the Network adopted the Three Level Model of Vocational Rehabilitation early in the pilot phase as it was felt that this fitted the needs of the patients well. This Model was adapted from the Three Level Model of Work Support Interventions first developed by the National Cancer Survivorship Initiative Vocational Rehabilitation Project. This results in a holistic approach to address all aspects of the individual’s vocational requirements alongside the multidisciplinary team including dedicated neuropsychology and psychiatry.

Level 1           Screening, early intervention and signposting

Level 2           One-to-one support, Self-management programmes

Level 3           Specialist Vocational Rehabilitation Intervention

The Network identified Occupational Therapy as the lead profession in the provision of vocational rehabilitation whilst at the same time it recognises the contribution that other disciplines make to the process particularly at Level 1.

Whilst the Vocational Rehabilitation Therapist works within the Network the key element of having one Network professional working exclusively in specialist vocational rehabilitation is that the role is empowered to work in partnership with key stakeholders outside the Network including local employers, occupational health professionals, educational establishments and those in the charitable sector.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist typically provides job demand analysis, work place assessments, career redirection assessments and the development of return to work and/or education plans. The role also supports those patients for whom the outcome is adjustment to ill health retirement.

We believe by embedding Vocational Rehabilitation into the recovery pathway and making it available whenever the patient needs it is unusual in mainstream NHS provision.

VR Research

Winner is Unum bereavement

Many congratulations to the winners and finalists.

Thank you also to all those who submitted an application on this occasion.

All those present receiving their awards are pictured below.  Well done!