Information about our 2019 AGM

The Vocational Rehabilitation Association’s Annual General Meeting will take place as follows:

Tuesday November 2019 at 1300 this follows on from our CPD Webinar. To join the AGM please follow the link to register for the combined event. If you only wish to attend the AGM then please join us at 1pm.

I strongly encourage you to put the date in your diary, as it is important that we have plenty of members participating in the AGM.  The agenda and other documents you may wish to refer to during the meeting are here. The Chair’s report will be given at the meeting.

The process for the elections is as follows:-

  1. The membership will be treated as those members registered and duly paid up on Wednesday 11 November 2019.
  2. Only members of the VRA are eligible to be nominated to stand for election as Trustees.
  3. Each nominee must have a supporter who is also a member of the VRA.
  4. Nominations must be submitted by 5.00pm on Monday 11 November, by email, using the application form.
  5. Details of nominees will be circulated to members following this cut-off time.
  6. Members will only be able to vote during the webinar at the AGM.

Please note that the arrangements for selecting the Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer remain within the Board of Trustees.

Kind regards,

Deborah Edwards

VRA Chair