Quality regulation and certification of vocational rehabilitation services – can you help?
The European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) has contracted researchers to prepare an analysis on quality regulation and certification of vocational rehabilitation services in eight European countries. As part of this effort, contributing experts are seeking to interview national stakeholders including relevant public and third sector organizations and experts for interviews to address gaps in desk review findings or to get better overview of existing government and voluntary certifications and regulations, their strengths and weaknesses. The research is meant to provide useful evidence on different quality regulation and certification models existing in Europe, and the findings will be shared with European policymakers and stakeholders across Europe. You can find a copy of the endorsement letter here.  
The interview will take around 45 min – 1h and will be held on a platform of your convenience (Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom etc) and your responses will be treated anonymously and your time will be greatly appreciated. You will receive a copy of the final report once it is completed.
At the VRA we are always keen to support vocational rehabilitation research and it would be great if you could help with this.  Please do support this if you are able by getting in touch with fabio@policyimpactlab.com to arrange an interview this week.