Join our Irish Network!

Here at the VRA we have a growing membership network of corporate and individual members focused on helping the practice of vocational rehabilitation flourish.

We are here to promote the benefits of VR, and to encourage its effective delivery. We represent VR professionals and those who commission their services across insurance claims, legal services, serious and life-changing injury case management and occupational health sectors. Our members are dedicated to helping people remain in work, recover in work, return to work and reach for work.

We hold standards of practice in high regard and work hard to help shape the future landscape of the workplace, provide learning resources, create networking opportunities and campaign for recognition of Vocational Rehabilitation in the UK.

We’re the UK’s only membership organisation for vocational rehabilitation, and we would like to join forces with our Irish neighbours (Brexit notwithstanding!).

We already have a local Network Leader identified to help the group establish some momentum, and thereafter it will be driven by what you want and need. It promises to be a fantastic opportunity to share ideas, concerns, and knowledge relevant to you and your colleagues.

If you are based in or working in Eire or Northern Ireland, we would love to have you join our Network. Please also share this invitation with VR practitioners, academics and employers there and encourage them to get in touch!

What’s next?

We are setting up a doodle poll to find the best time for a Zoom call. This will be an open forum to explore what you would like out of a networking group and how the VRA can help! We’d love you to join us for this exploratory discussion so please get in touch.