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Welcome to the VRA – Irish Network, we hope you will join us and build this network of professionals across Ireland to promote the professional knowledge, attitudes and skills of vocational rehabilitation practitioners.

The VRA Irish Network held an initial exploratory meeting in December 2020 with 18 attendees and concluded with an agreement on the need for a network to serve the island of Ireland.  It is now holding regular monthly meetings on zoom and hopes to hold face to face meetings in the future.

This network operates under the umbrella of the VRA UK where core communications functions will be coordinated.  It will perform similar functions as the VRA UK – focussing on activities, resources and events for all of Ireland.

Networks by their nature facilitate contact amongst people who share common passions, interests, and career paths.  Networks can also lead to lasting friendships because people support each other – and this is what is going to be more important than ever before as we navigate 2021.

Mary Finn who is based in Galway and is a Professional Member of the VRA UK is the Network Coordinator.  To find out more about the network please contact us or register for one of our events.

The network is currently meeting at midday on the fourth Thursday of every month on zoom. Information about upcoming meetings can be found in the events section.


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Some key resources

Report published by the NDA – National Disability Authority 2016

HAS – Health and Safety Authority – Guidance for Employers and Employees on Working from Home

HSE – Health Service Executive – Mental Health supports during Coronavirus times

Health Ireland – From the Department of Health, Framework for 2019-2025

Work Well and Live Well – A Public Health Agency (PHA) workplace health and wellbeing service in Northern Ireland

Coronavirus (COVID-19): practical support for individuals in NI

Dept of Health, N. Ireland. Within DoH the term “allied health professions” refers to 12 professional groups.