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The Empowerment Project

We asked Mandy Whalley, Associate Specialist Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist at Think Therapy 1st to tell us about the Empowerment Project. The Empowerment Project has been something I have been working on since...
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VRA AGM 2022 and Trustee Nominations

The VRA AGM is taking place at midday on Tuesday 25th January 2022 as part of an extended session for our monthly CPD webinar. An update on the VRA’s activities...
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Winners 2021 Vocational Rehabilitation Awards

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2021 Vocational Rehabilitation Awards and we are delighted to announce our winners. VR TEAM SEHSCT Condition Management Programme VR PROJECT Vocational Rehabilitation...
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Managing Long-Covid and Sleep

By Dr David R Lee.  Clinical Director at Sleep Unlimited,  November 2021 Fatigue is a common symptom of long-covid and post-viral syndrome (PVS) more generally.  This fatigue can often lead...
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