Find out more about becoming a VRA trustee

As the end of this calendar year is approaching, it is the right time for each of our members to consider their commitments for 2022.  The VRA has a longstanding history of supporting practitioners and now we want to ask for you to step up and support us.

Our Constitution is written such that at each Annual General Meeting, all of the current Trustees resign and if they wish to remain a Trustee for the next year, then they put themselves forward membership vote to re-instate them.  We do this for a reason; whilst it is good to have experienced Trustees return to office for consecutive years, it is also important to have new people bring new and diverse skillsets to the organisation.

This year we are launching a campaign to get you involved in this process and what better time to start than trustees’ week which marks the achievements of the UK’s one million trustees!

The last 3 years has seen an enormous amount of positive forward progress and the next few years promise to be the same.  Being a part of the VRA leadership team is an excellent opportunity to share your skillset and learn some new ones as well.  Over the coming weeks we will be sharing information to help you understand the responsibilities that you may take on as well as hearing from some of our current Trustees their reasons for stepping up to be a Trustee and what their time in the role has meant to them starting with Vice Chair Chris Parker in this 2 minute video.

Please watch out for these communications and don’t be shy about coming forward.  Please feel free to ask myself or any of our Trustees any questions at all that might help you take that first step towards becoming a part of the great team of leaders in the Vocational Rehabilitation industry.

Help and Happiness Always

Deborah Edwards
VRA Chair