Wellbeing that Works

DATE / TIME 17/12/2020
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm



Wellbeing that Works is a rolling series of workshops aimed at HR, managers and business owners – enabling increased wellbeing, for you, for your business…for life.  These workshops are engaging and collaborative exploring evidence based, practical techniques you can easily implement within your organisation.


Many organisations are keen to support their staff, but have been firefighting recently and don’t know where to start. Delivering wellbeing programmes in-house can be incredibly time consuming and resource heavy, so we want to free up your time and bring you simple tools and support to do so. This network of professionals also offers a new perspective and allows you time out to reflect and think about your own self-care.


Book your place here. Enter PROMO code WELLBEING for a 33% discount off your first session.


Facilitated by Lisa Whittleton of Illuminate & Clare Walkeden of Auburn Coaching and Consultancy. For more information please email info@wellbeingthatworks.uk