VRA Webinar: How to be successful at work without burning out

DATE / TIME 27/11/2018
11:00 am - 12:00 pm



The VRA webinar will take place on Tuesday 27 November 2018 from 1100 – 1200.  Sarah Sparks shares the 6 top tips for Thriving at Work, based on recent research and her own personal burnout story.


Sarah Sparks is an award-winning Executive Coach, Speaker and Trainer who works with senior leaders in the Corporate World helping busy professionals achieve career success as well as health and wellbeing, while in particular avoiding damaging stress and burn-out.

She is one of the top coaches in her field and her clients include
board members, Managing Directors and senior leaders from the top City institutions.
Prior to founding ‘Choose to Thrive’, Sarah was an Executive Director of Goldman Sachs, where she was Head of Financial Regulation. That was until she ‘burnt out’.

Since then, however, she’s done extensive research and has worked with 100s of clients to help them create the building blocks to prosper, grow and flourish at work and in life.

She runs seminars, webinars and workshops for organisations and the general public. She also works one-to-one with senior leaders, Managing Directors and board members to inspire and get results fast. She sees herself as a ‘thought provocateur and educator’, ensuring her clients manage their stress positively and don’t pass it on to others.

She contributes regularly to ‘people’ features in FT Ignites, was
featured in You! magazine in December 2015 and in the Talking Project on BBC Radio 4.
Recently, Sarah was a guest speaker at large City institution talking
about ‘Thriving at Work’ with an audience of over 1,000. 94% said they would immediately implement what they had learnt.

We are fortune to have her present through the VRA.

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