VRA Irish Network – Post Covid Fatigue

DATE / TIME 25/02/2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Please join us for our third meeting of the VRA’s Irish Network. Network meetings take place on the fourth Thursday of each month at midday.

At this meeting we will listen to an expert podcast on the topic of Post viral Fatigue, with particular reference to Post Covid Fatigue, markers to look out for in terms of severity and Best Practice Management with facilitated discussion by Jennifer Rowland from Swiss Re and Mary Finn.

We are building a network across Ireland to promote the professional knowledge, attitudes and skills of vocational rehabilitation practitioners and hold monthly meetings on zoom and hopes to hold face to face meetings in the future.

Networks by their nature facilitate contact amongst people who share common passions, interests, and career paths.  Networks can also lead to lasting friendships because people support each other – and this is what is going to be more important than ever before as we navigate 2021.

Please join us to get to know your colleagues, share good practice and together we can raise the profile of VR.

Register for the February event here.