VR Practice 2023 and Beyond – being the best you can be + Networking Event

DATE / TIME 19/10/2022
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm


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A multidisciplinary half day CPD conference from the Vocational Rehabilitation Association followed by a networking event.

A multidisciplinary conference which aims to support and equip practitioners for the changing world of work and explore how equality, diversity and inclusion can be applied in practice. We will be exploring the role of culture, reflective practice and resilience in day-to-day practice, with useful tools to take away.


Target audience

Practitioners, professionals and managers involved in:

  • vocational rehabilitation, return to work, job retention and employability
  • health care
  • occupational health
  • case management
  • other sectors with a work, health and/or disability focus

Learning Objectives:

  • To support the professional and personal development of practitioners
  • To understand the importance of reflection and supervision as a practitioner
  • To explore models and tools of self-reflection and how this can be applied into everyday practice
  • To understand what is meant by resilience, how this is different for each person and how it can be applied in the ever-changing world of work and health both for your benefit and your clients
  • To become familiar with resilience tools for practitioners and to be more resilient themselves
  • To explore the role cultural background plays in patients’ perception of pain; understanding how this can impact on health perceptions
  • To gain knowledge to help overcome barriers, and improve equality, diversity and inclusion in our practice
  • To raise diversity and awareness in practice and gain insight from an expert panel with the opportunity for question


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What do people say about our events?

  • One of the best and most informative events I’ve attended in quite some time, thanks!
  • The event was very insightful and informative with a lot of useful information that I can use in my job.
  • Keep days like this coming!

Train Strikes

We’ve had some questions about what will happen in the event of a train strike on the day.  Whilst we think this is unlikely at this stage, please don’t worry as VR people we are prepared and the event will move online!

Important: you must arrive by 1:50pm to be admitted due to security processes. Bookings close at 5pm on Friday 14 October and no substitutions can be processed after this time.


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Developing the Reflexivity Habit – Christine Parker, University of Salford

In this session we will consider reflection and supervision, exploring why they are so important for personal and professional development. We will discuss models and tools for reflection and look at ways to use reflective thinking in supervision, including strategies to help embed this into our busy working lives.

Becoming a registered case manager: what it means for your practice – Angele Kerr, IRCM

This session will provide an overview of IRCM and its role, how it will support your practice and how being a member of the VRA could support your registration.

The Institute of Registered Case Managers will open for registration later this year. It is a not-for-profit organisation whose role is to safeguard the users of case management services. This will be achieved by:

  • setting standards for case managers’ practice;
  • through publishing a public register of people who meet its requirements and commit to practising in line with its standards;
  • by providing a process through which concerns can be reported, and then investigating and taking action where registered case managers don’t meet these standards.

IRCM will also be developing a certificate of proficiency in case management and accrediting education opportunities that meet its standards.

Understanding resilience – what it means and tools to support – Emma Smith, Emma Smith Leadership

An interactive session based on resilience – what it means to different people, plus takeaway tools to support becoming more resilient in challenging times.

Culture and Pain – Mohammad Shoiab, Connect Health Pain Services

Providing insights into how patients from different cultural backgrounds may have different perceptions of pain and how it should be managed. Mr Shoiab will provide ideas which may help overcome potential barriers and improve equality, diversity and inclusion for patients from diverse backgrounds.


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Our speakers

Christine Parker, Senior Lecturer – University of Salford

Christine has over 25 years’ experience as a physiotherapist in both NHS and private sectors where she specialised in rehabilitation for chronic pain and long-term conditions in an interdisciplinary team. In 2005, she moved into an academic role at the University of Salford where she is now a Senior Lecturer.

Christine has taught on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and has led on research and enterprise initiatives across the work, health, and wellbeing sectors. Her work is focused on supporting the inclusion of work-related health outcomes in routine practice. She is the immediate past vice-chair for the Vocational Rehabilitation Association and is actively involved in a cross-discipline project to establish the new Institute for Registered Case Managers which is applying to PSA to become an accredited Register.

Angela Kerr, Chair – Institute of Registered Case Managers

Angela has been the chair of IRCM since it was formally established. She was the founder and former Managing Director of AKA Case Management Ltd and a practising case manager from 1992 to 2021.

Her core professional qualification is that of Registered General Nurse Level one with relevant qualifications in Neurosurgical Neuromedical Nursing, Teaching and Assessing Clinical Practice, Counselling Skills, Postgraduate Certificate in Health Service Management and read for an MA in Art and Psychotherapy.

Her experience as a case manager ranged from working within Heath Authorities mainly the Nottingham Health Authority (Nottingham Traumatic Brain Injury service), Charitable Trusts (Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust) and private sector (Frenkel Topping and AKA Case Management).

Angela was Chair of BABICM from 2016 to 2021 and had previously been a committee member of BABICM from 1996 to 2005 and Treasurer from 1999 to 2004.

Emma Smith, Owner – Emma Smith Leadership

Emma is an accredited coach with over 15 years experience in leadership and talent development, career progression, team dynamics and culture change. She works with corporate top 100 companies and SME’s on their people agenda to support people to be at their best.

Mohammad Shoiab, Clinical Lead – Connect Health Pain Services

Mohammad is the Clinical Lead for a Community Pain Service, comprising of a multidisciplinary team, supporting patients to live well with their pain condition. The service is based within a region of high socioeconomic deprivation and patients come from variety of cultural backgrounds.

Julie Denning, Chair – VRA

Dr Julie Denning is a Chartered Health Psychologist with over 17 years’ experience of working in the vocational rehabilitation sector.  She has designed and delivered work focused services to support people with long term conditions including, persistent pain, cancer, chronic fatigue and mental health to return to work when ready.  As Managing Director for Working To Wellbeing she is responsible for the design and delivery of VR services that are multi and interdisciplinary in approach.  She manages and clinically supervises a team of Occupational Health Physiotherapists, Cognitive Behavioral Therapists and Occupational Therapists.  She has experience of providing services within the insurance, occupational health and business to business sectors.

As an ACPOHE tutor and lecturer she trains Physiotherapists to improve their communications skills with their patients by applying a biopsychosocial approach and using the most up-to-date psychological interventions in order to improve clinical outcomes with their patients.  This includes a strong work focus.  Julie also lectures at Kings College London on their BSc Physiotherapy course, MSc Health Psychology and BScI for medical students on topics including, communication skills, work and health, stress management and leadership.

Our sponsors

Our thanks to our generous sponsors Form HealthSwiss Re and Thriiver for supporting this event.


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Bookings have now closed for this event.