“The Breadth of Vocational Rehabilitation Throughout the Employee Lifespan”

DATE / TIME 16/05/2023
10:00 am - 3:30 pm


Join us for a day of learning and discussion. This conference will showcase how Vocational Rehabilitation has an important part to play in overcoming and managing changes across life stages for successful work-based outcomes to be sustained.

Our expert speakers will highlight key areas for VR professionals to consider in their work with adults, as they progress through these life stages of working. These include:

* Understanding the needs of younger and older people,

* The option of career redirection,

* Impacts on financial wellbeing,

* Inclusive workspaces and neurodiverse needs,

* The impact of the menopause.

Adults encounter life changes across their working lives affecting their employment and work opportunities. These changes can impact the person’s financial, physical, emotional and cognitive abilities, and require re-evaluation of career and work needs. Sessions will consider topics across the different life stages of work from first employment through to retirement giving VR professionals a chance to listen and ask questions on each topic.

By being more aware and using VR on the life changes of an employee could in turn help reduce the 2.5 million people who are reportedly currently out of work due to long term sickness, helping people stay in work return to work and remain in work.

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