Symposium – Organised by: RCOT-SS Work-SOM-VRA

DATE / TIME 01/05/2019
9:00 am - 6:30 pm

LOCATIONFazeley Studios
191, Fazeley Street
B5 5SE


Title: Good Work for Good Health- What Role Can You Play? 

‘As an economy, we currently miss out on the skills, flexibility and willingness to work of carers, retires and people with disabilities. Tapping into this talent pool would benefit companies and the wider economy as much as the workers themselves’. Adecco Group submission to the Taylor Review.


A multidisciplinary symposium which aims to explore how Good Work for Good Health can be influenced and supported.

Understanding the meaning of Good Work and what role you can play as a Practitioner is essential when supporting people into and back to work. In 2006 Waddell and Burton identified that work could be good for individuals’ health if the work was good.The importance of Good Work and job quality has since been extended for example, with research by the Work Foundation that seeks to support Good Work practices for both workers and employers. This research will be shared at the symposium. In addition, the Taylor Report of Modern Working Practices was published in 2017. In response to this report, the Carnegie UK Trust have put forward recommendations for a framework to measure Good Work. This framework will be considered at this symposium and include aspects of health,safety and psychosocial wellbeing.

Learning objectives: 

  • To understand how you can influence Good Work for all.
  • To explore a range of interventions that are available to support Good Work in your practice.

By attending you will: 

  • Increase your knowledge and awareness of the UK government drivers and resources

to support wellness in the work place or Good Work.

  • Gain an understanding what factors may impact on Good Work and how these

can best be managed.

  • Have opportunities to share best practice in Vocational Rehabilitation and

Occupational Health and provide a networking opportunity.

Target audience: 

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Practitioners
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Occupational Health Practitioners
  • Case Managers
  • HR Practitioners

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