Resources to support VR practice to reduce disability discrimination

DATE / TIME 08/02/2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



This session is a follow-up to Andy’s November 2022 VRA webinar session on ‘The Equality Act in vocational rehabilitation: Comprehensive in theory but, as yet, restricted in practice ?

Having sought to raise awareness about disability discrimination in clinical psychology, the NHS and VR practice, Andy has developed resources to assist practitioners in reviewing and enhancing their practice including:

• Context and concerns summaries

• Disability Discrimination Awareness Questionnaire (DDAQ).

• Disability Discrimination Practice Checklists (DDPCs) (including one for professionals, managers, course tutors, VR/employment specialists).

• Suggested Action incl. Recommended Reading: for service providers/ users, employers/employees, training courses and students/trainees.


Andy will outline these resources, focusing on the Vocational/Employment specialist Disability Discrimination Practice Checklist (DDPC-VE) to assist practitioners in reviewing and enhancing their VR practice.


Accessing these resources will hopefully reduce discrimination, whilst also addressing continuing professional development requirements of the new 2023 HCPC Standards of Proficiency in Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.


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Andy has developed a website to host these disability discrimination awareness resources:

The previous talk is available at:

& background summary at:


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Dr. Andy Tyerman – Honorary Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

After qualifying as a clinical psychologist in 1979, Andy has worked in neurorehabilitation. From 1992 he developed the Community Head Injury Service in Buckinghamshire, comprising three inter-linked programmes; core community brain injury (ABI) rehabilitation; specialist family services; and ‘Working Out’, specialist ABI vocational rehabilitation (VR). Whilst now retired from the NHS, Andy continues to supervise, teach and write on community and vocational rehabilitation after ABI. He is a long standing Trustee of Headway UK, and joined the Trustees of the VRA in 2021.

Andy has been involved in developing national standards/guidelines in community neurorehabilitation and neuro-vocational rehabilitation. This has included co-convening national groups to produce guidelines on VR for both with ABI and neurological conditions. He has been made aware of a large number and wide range of examples of disability discrimination.

In response he has developed resources both to raise professional awareness and to facilitate and support good practice.


Spaces are limited so book your seats TODAY


Monte Shapiro Lifetime Achievement

This year, the award goes to Dr Andy Tyerman for the work throughout his career as a neuropsychologist and the impact that he has had on shaping the face of neurorehabilitation for patients with acquired brain injury. He has been at the vanguard of a sea change in the way neurorehabilitation has been conceptualised and delivered.

His focus on issues of identity, emotion and relationships has transformed our approach to working with people with acquired brain injury. His work through his publications, including the development of practice guidelines, conference presentations and convincing argument has successfully influenced policy and practice at a local, regional, national and international level. The DCP is honoured to be able to present Dr Andy Tyreman with this award.