Networking Remotely. Can we make it work?

DATE / TIME 13/06/2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Join me to explore how we can develop meaningful ways of networking within the VRA

This will be an interactive session, exploring a range of different ways we can increase networking opportunities within the VRA The aim will be to meet and connect with other VRA members whilst sharing ideas and developing a framework for future networking meetings/ events

Your Speaker:
Beverly is the Executive manager of Vitality360, Specialist Pain and Fatigue Provider. She has spent the majority of her career which is now over 30 years working in the clinical field. As a remote team Vitality360 have worked hard to find meaningful ways of connecting with each other, to share experiences professionally and personally and support our CPD

Beverly freely admits that her favourite networking event is in person – preferably with a glass of wine in her hand but in a changing landscape opportunities to do this have reduced. Through her work with Vitality360, experience working in the NHS and as a previous trustee with the British Association for Clinicians in ME ( BACME) she has explored various ways of connecting with others and is keen to continue developing meaningful networking opportunities whenever possible


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Remember, Members get Free access and Free CPD certificates upon request.