Managing Wellbeing Risks at Work Post-Covid

DATE / TIME 04/11/2021
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


This 4-workshop, virtual course for managers enables them to manage wellbeing risks at work in a post-Covid, hybrid-working environment.

About this event

This is a 4-workshop, virtual course for managers, delivered via Zoom. Delivered over consecutive weeks commencing Thurs 4th Nov, the workshops cover 4 key aspects of managing mental wellbeing: Awareness, Prevention, Monitoring and Responding. The overall aim is to equip managers with what they need to know and do to manage risks to wellbeing effectively in a working environment transformed by Covid. Specific learning outcomes for each workshop are summarised below.

Workshop 1: Awareness (Thurs 4th Nov 10am till 12pm BST)

  • Understand the mental health impact of Covid and reasons for this.
  • Become aware of health, business and legal risks linked to mental wellbeing at work in the context of a post-Covid working environment
  • Learn the risk factors for work-related stress and HSE’s Management Standards.

Workshop 2: Prevention (Thurs 11th Nov 10am till 12pm BST)

  • Use and apply tools to profile stressful situations and understand their applications for managing wellbeing at work.
  • Explore and discuss the role of manager behaviours in prevention.
  • Know where to access stress management competency tools for self-awareness and upward feedback.

Workshop 3: Monitoring (Thurs 18th Nov 10am till 12pm BST)

  • Improve awareness of the signs of signs of increased vulnerability and struggling linked to stress and mental health problems.
  • Understand and discuss the implications for monitoring wellbeing from the impact of Covid on work environments and work patterns (e.g. remote, lone and home working), particularly around monitoring with consent.
  • Develop a monitoring plan for working cooperatively with teams and individuals to enable early identification of problems.

Workshop 4: Responding (Thurs 25th Nov 10am till 12pm BST)

  • Reflect on experience of sensitive conversations and lessons learned for best practice.
  • Raise awareness of relevant support structures (internal and external), policies and appropriate referrals.
  • Revisit profiling and planning tools and understand their use reactively with struggling individuals.
  • Signpost follow-up tools and resources

Participating managers will be encouraged to develop action plans and be signposted to relevant tools and resources they can access after the workshop. No more than 16 managers can take part to ensure the quality of the learning experience. Workbooks for each workshop are provided in advance in PDF form.

In addition, managers receive follow-up resources after Workshops 2 and 4. These provide links to additional tools and resources related to topics covered during the workshops. Each workshop includes a short comfort break about half way through.

If you would like to deliver this as an in-house course, please contact Alan Bradshaw, Organiser to discuss your requirements.

The cost is £639.59. Book your place here.