Irish Network: Work and Cancer

DATE / TIME 13/01/2022
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

All those working within vocational rehabilitation on the island of Ireland or with links to Irish VR are welcome to join us for our online network meeting. We also welcome guests who are interested in the session topic.

Increased cancer survival has prompted focus on optimising quality of life for those living with and beyond cancer, including reintegration into work. Factors which are known to impact return to work such as cancer-related fatigue, cognitive changes and psychological distress can be amenable to change and can be targeted through a work-focused intervention. This presentation will provide an overview of research in Work and Cancer, as well as offer practical strategies to consider in practice when working with those living with and beyond cancer.

Our presenter: Naomi Algeo, Senior Occupational Therapist (Oncology/Haematology), St. James’s Hospital, Dublin | PhD Candidate, Trinity College Dublin

Naomi is a Senior Occupational Therapist (Oncology/Haematology) at St. James’s Hospital. She is a PhD Candidate at Trinity College Dublin, where her research focused on ‘The development and feasibility of the Work and Cancer intervention: A mixed methods study’. Naomi sits on the Development Group for Cancer Rehabilitation for the World Health Organisation and on working groups for the Irish Cancer Society and the National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP) in Ireland.

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