Irish Network: The Condition Management Programme in Northern Ireland- linking together health, work and wellbeing

DATE / TIME 11/11/2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


All those working within vocational rehabilitation on the island of Ireland or with links to Irish VR are welcome to join us for our online network meeting. We also welcome guests who are interested in the session topic.

This presentation will provide an overview of the following;

  • What is the Condition Management Programme?
  • Who can benefit from the Condition Management Programme?
  • Aims of the programme and interventions provided
  • Challenges and opportunities of Covid-19
  • Case study of a recent client who participated in Condition Management Programme.

Our speaker

Emma Drinkwater is currently the clinical team leader of the Condition Management Programme in the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland. The Condition Management Programme supports people to manage their health conditions and give them the confidence, knowledge and skills to remain in or return to work, or progress towards vocational goals.

Emma is an occupational therapist and previously worked in variety of London trusts specialising in neuro-rehabilitation and vocational rehabilitation. Before taking up the post within Condition Management Programme, she worked within the insurance industry as a vocational rehabilitation consultant and completed an MSc in Vocational Rehabilitation in 2019.

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