Irish Network – enhanced income protection an evidence based approach

DATE / TIME 09/09/2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



All those working within vocational rehabilitation on the island of Ireland or with links to Irish VR are welcome to join us for our network meeting.  We also welcome guests who are interested in the session topic.

This month we are joined by Sema who is working on the Knowlege Transfer Partnership between Swiss Re and the University of Huddersfield.  This is a really interesting piece of work with learning likely to be useful to a wide range of VR practitioners.

KTP Research

The aim is to use research from the university to enhance Swiss Re’s income protection policy. This will be achieved by developing and implementing an individual focused return to work (RTW) support plan in the early stages of absence to maximise recovery and reduce work loss due to ill health. We believe that an early self-managed RTW support package offered as part of an enhanced income protection insurance product for insured workers has the potential to improve recovery timeframe, prevent long-term sickness absence and facilitate job retention. We hope that this RTW package will help insured individuals to be an active participant in their recovery journey, as well as empower them with the right resources to negotiate good work that is good for their health.

Our speaker

Dr. Abasiama Etuknwa (Sema) is currently the Research Project Coordinator (KTP Associate) for the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between University of Huddersfield and Swiss Re. She holds a PhD in Business and Management. Her research interests are within the areas of work, health and disability. She is particularly interested in determining practical solutions to reducing work-related risk to health, sickness absence and helping employees on sick leave return to work sustainably.

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