VRA Webinar: How is VR supporting the transition to the ‘new normal’?

DATE / TIME 18/08/2020
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm



This is the third of our Covid-19 webinars exploring the impact on delivery and commissioning of VR services. Following the positive feedback from our webinars in May and June this webinar continues the conversation about the impact of Covid-19 moving forwards.

This session will include the following presentations plus time for discussion with our speakers and the VRA Trustees:

‘Doctors are also Human’ Penny Flack & Dr Lucy Henshall FRCGP 
We will share the challenges that doctors, particularly GPs, encounter when they try and return to work after a period of absence and how Welcome Back to Work supports them. We will bust some myths about the NHS support that is available to them and explore some of the lived experiences from the people that we support back to work. We will share opportunities that CV19 has created and where we see the risks and how these might impact on doctors.

‘Returning to Work Post Covid-19 – A Compassionate Approach’ Chrissy Clark

Summary: For a significant group of clients the thought of returning to work following Covid-19 restrictions is a scary one; having undergone many restrictions to our daily lives since March the worry caused by the thought of change and increasing exposure to other people and environments can have an impact on our mental health. During the session we will touch briefly on some of the causes of anxiety and stress which might be impacting a person’s ability to engage in the return to work process and then we will explore what we can do to support and empower them to make that first step back into their work environment.

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Photo by Kseniia Ilinykh on Unsplash