Free Webinar – Hearing Loss Needn’t Mean Job Loss

DATE / TIME 10/10/2023
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm











With the correct support, workplace adjustments and assistive technology, people living with hearing loss can enjoy productive and rewarding careers. However, as an invisible disability, it often goes unnoticed. Hearing loss might be genetic, it might be caused by an infection or trauma or, in adulthood, chronic diseases, certain medications and exposure to loud sounds can make individuals more susceptible. Unaddressed hearing loss can impact work and training leading to social isolation, loneliness and stigma. We’ll look at the challenges at least 4.4 million people with hearing loss are of working age face and the available workplace and home-based solutions. It is suitable for those working in occupational health, income protection insurance claims, vocational rehabilitation and wellbeing. By attending, you’ll increase your knowledge of hearing loss and empower yourself to better support your clients and/or colleagues.


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