Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the VR profession: The good, the bad and ugly

DATE / TIME 25/01/2024
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the VR profession: The good, the bad and ugly

If you work within the vocational rehabilitation, experts, case management and workplace wellbeing space, this webinar will help you get to grips with the uses, benefits and cautions of the use of AI, as a work tool.

Plus how your clients may use it to help them stay in work, get back to work, will put them out of work or whether it’s a new area of work for them to explore.

Not to mention the ethical and confidentiality considerations we may have.

Join Maria Morris, winner of VRA practitioner award 2021 and Monica Garcia ,Independent Consultant and VRA Trustee, to participate in this interactive introduction to the topic.

Monica Garcia – Monica is a Disability Insurance and Workplace Wellbeing Consultant, bringing a combination of clinical, vocational, research, and insurance experience, to promote and champion best practice in the UK’s Income Protection (IP) market. Through her work with insurers, employers, and third-party providers, Monica leads the development of evidence-based health initiatives to improve customers’ wellness and work outcomes.

Maria Morris – Maria is a specialist adult OT and expert in vocational rehabilitation. She is tireless in her pursuit of removing barriers and obstacles to enable her clients to return to education, employment, and meaningful activity. She is highly accomplished in leading negotiations with employers to secure a return to the workplace or new career path.

Maria has comprehensive clinical experience, managing a varied caseload, working with clients who have suffered life-changing injuries and illnesses and has previously worked with military personnel, Government or members of the Royal Household.

Maria currently works part time as an employed Vocational Case Manager and Expert Witness.

She also has her own Occupational Health and Wellness At Work consultancy practice. Maria is currently expanding her consultancy services to provide wellness at work programs, crisis interventions for mental health as well as clinical supervision and mentoring for those in VR, Case Management or Independent OT practice.

Maria won VRA Individual practitioner of the year awards 2021 and is currently a finalist within the Neuro Rehabilitation Times professional awards for her VR work with acquired brain injury clients.

When not working, Maria can be found writing her first book about career redirection, painting and using her artwork for exhibition or wellness tools or out in nature.

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