Launch of new standard for diversity and inclusion
BS 76005 valuing people through diversity and inclusion

BSI, the business standards company, has launched a new standard for employers.  It provides guidance for good practice for organisations on valuing employees through diversity and inclusion.

The standard is BS 76005 Valuing people through diversity and inclusion – code of practice for organisations. It provides recommendations for undertaking, reviewing, assessing and undertaking a competent and principled approach to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


The recommendations cover:

  • people management and development; and
  • the development of more inclusive policies, procedures, practices and behaviours within organisations supporting diversity; and
  • building productive relationships with others including customers and clients.

Therefore BS 76005 is intended to be relevant to organisations, regardless of their size, sector and age. Furthermore it recognises that each organisation is different and that their decision-makers are best placed to decide on the most appropriate approach.
In the standard, “valuing people” is not just about monetary value. Instead it recognises the contribution that people at all levels in the organisation make. These result from each individual’s capabilities, knowledge, skills, networks, experience, attitudes and insights.

Not just employees

The standard includes those “working on behalf of an organisation”. Therefore this is not just its employees.  Instead it also includes those working through agencies, sub-contractors and self-employment.
Anne Hayes, Head of Governance and Resilience at BSI, said: “Diversity and inclusivity in the workplace is no longer a peripheral issue for organisations – it is fast gaining acceptance in boardrooms across the UK as an issue which must be taken seriously. Taking steps to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace is in the interest of all organisations, whether they have ten employees or ten thousand. 
“BS 76005 provides a holistic approach to diversity and inclusion which enables organisations to demonstrate a real commitment to valuing people at every level. Fundamentally, this standard is intended to facilitate the fairness and dignity of all at work.”

Going beyond the Equality Act

The standard assumes an understanding of adherence to anti-discrimination legislation. Furthermore it takes an approach which goes beyond the protections of the Equality Act 2010.

Copies can be purchased from BSI.