A CALL TO ACTION – We Need Your Help!

The Government has just published its Green Paper outlining proposals to reduce ill-health job loss. If you haven’t yet read it, we recommend you do.

It has made many valuable suggestions, but it has a major gap in its research: the report has only investigated the services provided by medical OH providers, and as a result, none of their proposed solutions refers to the valuable workplace services that vocational rehabilitation providers can deliver.

If these proposals are implemented, they will have a significant impact on all who work within the VR profession.

We at the VRA are preparing our response, and in order that we accurately reflect our members’ views, WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Here’s the consultation link, with the online survey at the end.


Look at the consultation to identify the issues that are important to you – you only need to focus on these questions, not the whole consultation

Let us know what you think about these issues!

In addition to letting us know your views, we recommend you also submit your own response directly to the consultation process. The more responses the Government receives on a question, the more weight will be given to that view!

When sending us your views, if you can categorise your feedback by referring to the question numbers in the consultation or the 4 chapters of the report, that will really help!

Deadline extended: Please respond by 12th September.

Send us your views by emailing enquiries@vrassociation.org.uk and titling it green paper consultation.