2022 VR Awards Finalists

Thanks to everyone who took part in the 2022 Awards for their time and effort!  The judges have deliberated and the finalists have been selected.

Our finalists will be telling you more about their work in their own words at our online awards on 1st December. We’ve had some amazing feedback from last couple of years’ events about how useful and interesting people found these insights.  Book your free place to join us for this online event here.


We are delighted to announce that the finalists in the 2022 Vocational Rehabilitation Awards are:

VR Project

  • Employability Toolkit: A resource for individuals, parents, carers and employers – BeyondAutism
  • Empowerment Passport – Empowerment Passport Ltd
  • OT Student Practice Placement Initiative – Northern Rights

VR Team

  • South Coast Fatigue
  • Zurich Corporate Risk Rehabilitation Team

VR Practitioner

  • Julie Bennion, Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant – Form Health Ltd
  • Amanda Mason, Career and Employment Consultant – Vitality360
  • Spencer Rathborne, Associate Vocational Case Manager – Bush & Co
  • Sabita Seth, Clinical Health Coach, Head of Audit and QA – Working To Wellbeing

VR Champion

  • Mary Grant, Clinical Health Coach and Research Lead – Working To Wellbeing
  • Jo Vallom-Smith, occupational therapist and recruiter – OTforOH Ltd

Please join us at the awards on 1st December to hear from our finalists about their work and to find out who the 2022 winners are.  Book your free place for this online event here.